Xbox Original GhostCase – LED Kit – Green

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This easy plug-n-play Light Kit brings the look of your Clear XBOX to a whole new level. Using the brightest LEDs you can get, this item gives off next to no heat while in use, making it totally safe to leave on all day and night if you wish. Easy to fit, just place the circle LED light plate under the clear jewel or anywhere else you like. The picture above shows the light facing down placed under the Xbox Jewel. You can connect as many of these lights in a series as you like, you can tape it or glue it in place. One cool looking Xbox mod your friends will be envious of!!!
Product Description

• High brightness
• Long Lifetime
• Highly reliable
• Easy Installation
• Circular circuit board with 4 bright blue or green LED’s


This bright LED Xbox light kit is easy to install no soldering needed.

1. Open lid of Xbox
2. Unplug hard drive power cord
3. Plug one end of our kit into the power cord and the other end into the hard drive this is so easy (1 minute install time) due to the Y” power plug included on our kit.”

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