Lite-On Drive Installation Instructions

WARNING: The following guide includes steps that may damage your xbox and is intended for experienced modders. is not responsible for damaged consoles.

This guide will show you how to install your clear disc drive lid on your Lite-On drive. You will need a Dremel or other type of rotary tool to complete this mod.

First, remove the drive from the console by carefully unplugging the connectors. Remove the screws and take both metal panels off. From the top panel, peel back the label and remove the magnetic disc. Be careful, the metal part can be sharp.

Next, place the magnet in the center of the disc drive lid and put the cap on. (Use the 4-pronged lid with the raised-circle cap)

Position the disc drive lid over the drive, making sure the magnet and lid are centered over the spindle (the magnet should automatically find its place just center the lid around it). As you can probably tell, the lid is bowing a bit in the middle because the clasps on the bottom are hitting the plastic rather than holding beneath it. The next steps involve removing that plastic to allow the clasps to hold.

Mark the position of the bottom clasps for the lid using a marker.

Take the clear drive lid off, cover the top of the drive so it doesn’t get plastic all over it and use the Dremel tool to remove the plastic directly below the marks. Make sure not to remove too much plastic, as that will make the drive lid loose and possibly move around on the drive.

Afterwards you should have two half-moon shaped holes on each side of the drive.

Place the disc drive lid back on the drive. It should fit snugly over the spindle and look flat across the top. Plug the disc drive back in and test it with the case off to make sure it works with a disc.

If the drive lid moves around a bit you may want to use a dab of super glue or hot glue just to keep it in place. But if the disc spins silently and the drive lid is snug and doesn’t move, you’re done!


The majority of the problems associated with this mod involve raising or lowering the lid.

If the drive makes noise while the disc is spinning, but the drive lid isn’t grinding on the disc, you probably just need to remove a bit more plastic from the bottom to lower the lid a bit. If the disc is grinding on the bottom of the disc drive lid, you may have removed too much plastic. In that case, use a bit of paper or any filler and shove it between the clasps and the drive. Essentially you’re just trying to lower the magnet a bit.